These works are reproductions of oil paintings by Otto Bollhagen (1861-1924), a German fresco painter and illustrator . Around the time of WWI, Bollhagen turned to paintings and illustrations for industrial clients.

They are now the property of IGBCE (Industriegewerkschaft Bergbau, Chemie, Energy), the German Trade Union for Mining, Chemistry, Energy.

On the website of the Bollhagen company, which exists to this day (, you can find a quote from his personal recordings:

»We find ourselves still in the midst of a world war so terrible that it has no precedent in history; but there are signs that the people are coming to their senses, that the hatred which has been stirred up among the nations for decades will disappear more and more and that we will move a little closer to that longed-for peace.«

Original quote:

»Wir befinden uns noch immer in einem Weltkriege so furchtbarer Art, wie ihn die Geschichte nicht aufzuweisen hat; doch sind Anzeichen vorhanden, dass die Menschen zur Besinnung kommen, dass der durch Jahrzehnte geschürte Hass unter den Völkern mehr und mehr verschwinden wird und dass wir uns dem langersehnten Frieden etwas mehr nähern.«

Materials collected with the courtesy of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Trade Union for Mining, Chemistry and Energy.

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