Yes Life App For iOS Devices & The Unofficial FAQ

Last week Yes 4G released a revolutionary application for iOS devices that they promise will change the way we use our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Yes Life iOS App is their latest innovation which allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to make & receive calls, SMS, call from oversea at a low IDD rates, plus enjoy no roaming charges (3G data charges may apply) while abroad.

The Login Page Of Yes Life iOS App
The Dial Pad Of Yes Life iOS App

The reason I say it’s revolutionary is because previously we can only use Yes 4G service on PC via Yes Life PC version and on 4 specific Yes devices namely Yes Buzz, Yes Go, Yes Huddle and Yes Zoom. Now with the new Yes Life iOS app we can even enjoy the 4G network using our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!Managing Director of YTL Group, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Addressing Us At The Beginning Of The Event.
Managing Director of YTL Group, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Addressing Us At The Beginning Of The Event

Yes 4G network is run on a SIM-less architecture that is utilizing unique IDs and does not require a SIM card. So, we just need to install Yes Life app on our iOS device and sign up a unique Yes ID then we are good to go. A 018 phone number will be given during the signup process as well.

By running Yes Life iOS app, we can have 2 phone numbers on the iPhone, one is the phone number on the SIM card and another will be Yes 4G’s 018 number. Besides, Yes Life iOS app transforms the iPad, iPad2 or iPod touch into a mobile phone, which we can make/receive calls and SMS on all these devices.

Check the following unofficial Frequently Asked Questions written by me for all information you need to know about Yes Life iOS app. 🙂

1. What is Yes Life app?

It’s an app for Yes 4G users to run on iOS devices, namely iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, and iPod Touch, so that we can make/receive calls and send/receive SMS on these devices using Yes 4G network.

The official answer is “Yes Life is a revolutionary mobile application that gives you voice calls and SMS on your Apple devices via the Yes 4G network or any Internet connection.”

2. Which device supports Yes Life app?

Any Apple products that run on iOS 4.0, such as iPhone 4, iPad & iPad 2, or iPod Touch.

3. Why do I need Yes Life app?

It adds a second mobile number, Yes 4G’s 018 number, when you install it to your iPhone. Besides, it also turns our iPad and iPod Touch into a mobile phone by enabling us to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS on these devices.

4. What are the main features of Yes Life app?

  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Support hold, mute, speaker and headset mode
  • Send and receive SMS
  • SMS are sorted in thread format
  • Support special characters and multiple languages
  • View Call/SMS history
  • Sync all contacts on the iOS device

5. Where can I download Yes Life app?

1. Visit
2. Directly access the download link or Yes Life for iOS app at iTunes

6. What’s the difference between Yes Life app and Skype app that I can run on my iOS devices too?

  • 1. Yes Life app needs a Yes ID, and a Yes ID comes with a 018 number. This 018 number allows our friends to call us back or send us SMS. At the moment, Malaysian still can’t register for Skype Online Number which provides a phone number for Skype user.
  • 2. Calling a mobile phone number in Malaysia from Yes Life app costs only RM0.09 per minute, as compared to SkypeOut’s RM0.18 per minute. However, a call to fixed line using SkypeOut will cost RM0.02 cheaper.
  • 3. Yes 4G’s credit can be reloaded in Ringgit Malaysia, while SkypeOut only takes foreign currencies.
  • 4. Yes Life app is 800% more battery saving compared to Skype.

7. When can I use Yes Life app?

It can be used as long as we have a reliable Internet connection, even on 3G network.

8. Can you give me some situations when I enjoy the benefits using Yes Life app?

  • 1. Call back home (to any Malaysia fixed/mobile phone) from oversea at only RM0.09 per minute
  • 2. Use the 018 number as a secondary phone number for your iPhone and enjoy call rate at RM0.09 per minute and RM0.09 per SMS across all networks
  • 3. Turn iPad or iPod Touch into a mobile phone, which you can make calls and SMS to fixed/mobile number
  • 4. Don’t have to buy any Yes device in order to use Yes 4G network

9. Why should I install Yes Life app now?

If we install Yes Life app and sign up a new Yes ID, we’ll get to enjoy a FREE 14-day trial with RM5 credit. Activation fee of RM50 will be waived as well. This promotion is valid until 12th July 2011.

10. What if I already have a Yes ID?

If you already have a Yes ID, you can just download Yes Life app and login with your Yes ID and password to use your existing credit.

11. Will there be Yes Life app for other smartphone operating systems?

Yes, Android version will be out in about 8 weeks time, while BlackBerry version is on its way too.

12. Any live demo video of Yes Life app to show?

Yes, here’s the live demo video of Yes Life app. 🙂

There you have all the information about Yes Life app for iOS devices.
Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions.