Yes 4G Google Chromebook Launch & Some FAQ

Last week, I was invited to the launching event of Yes4G Chromebook. It’s the world’s first 4G WiMAX Chromebook manufactured by Samsung. This new device is a product of collaboration between Yes4G, Samsung & Google and it’s exclusively available in Malaysia from Yes4G only.

Yes4G Chromebook Launch

The Samsung 4G Chromebook comes with a built-in 4G WiMAX chipset that enables seamless connectivity to Yes network. A Yes ID is all you need to get connected to its network with Internet speed of up to 20Mbps and there’s no SIM card needed.CEO of Yes4G, Wing K. Lee, revealing the first ever Samsung 4G Chromebook
CEO of Yes4G, Wing K. Lee, revealing the first ever Samsung 4G Chromebook

Yes4G Chromebook Launch

Yes 4G Chromebook Hardware Highlights

The Samsung 4G Chromebook is powered by a Samsung Exynos 5 dual-core 1.7GHz processor with 2GB of RAM. The internal storage size is 16GB (Solid State Drive) and there’s a SD card slot for expandable storage. Besides, it also comes with 100GB of Google Drive cloud-based storage that is free for two years.11.6 inches display with 1366x768 resolution
11.6 inches display with 1366×768 resolution

Built for maximum mobility, the Samsung 4G Chromebook weighs only 1.1KG, is a mere 17.5mm thin and the 4080mAh battery can last over 6.5 hours. The screen size is 11.6 inches with 1366×768 pixels resolution.Yes4G Chromebook is only 17.5mm thin and weighs just 1.1kg
Yes4G Chromebook is only 17.5mm thin and weighs just 1.1kg

Connectivity ports are available but limited as there are only 2 USB ports (1 x USB 2.0 & 1 x USB 3.0) and a HDMI port on Samsung 4G Chromebook. Dual band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 are supported too.

The standard F1-F12 buttons are replaced with some special function buttons in the top row of Samsung 4G Chromebook keyboard. The functions of these special buttons include back and forth browsing, refresh webpage, maximize windows, switching windows, adjusting brightness and volume. Capslock buttons is replaced with a search button too.

Special function keys appears at the top row of Yes4G Chromebook keyboard
Special function keys appear at the top row of Yes4G Chromebook keyboard

Yes 4G Chromebook Software Highlights

Samsung 4G Chromebook is a new type of computing device that runs on Google Chrome OS in which most of its application and user data reside in the cloud. Therefore, it’s very lightweight and boots in seconds. It comes with Google apps like Gmail, Youtube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps, etc right out of the box. Web apps and chrome browser extensions are available in Chrome Web Store for download and some supports offline access.

Pre-installed web apps in Yes4G Chromebook
Pre-installed web apps in Yes4G Chromebook

Yes 4G Chromebook Plans

Yes4G is now offering the Samsung 4G Chromebook at Yes Stores nationwide and its Yes Online Store. The device alone costs RM1299 but is offered at a subsidized price of RM988 by Yes4G with a 24-month postpaid Internet plan. The Chromebook plan comes with 3.5GB monthly data allocation at RM88/month. Advance payment of RM311 is applicable upon registration.

The device is also available to 1BestariNet Yes ID holders through the FrogStore for RM988 with a 24-month RM69 plan, which comes with a monthly data quota of 3.5GB too.

Yes 4G Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I attended the Yes4G Chromebook preview session on the same day of the launch and below are some FAQ I compiled.At Yes4G Chromebook Preview Session
At Yes4G Chromebook Preview Session

1. Is this Samsung 4G Chromebook compatible with 4G LTE network?

No, this 4G Chromebook is not compatible with 4G LTE. It is only compatible with Yes4G network and it can be connected to WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n as well.

2. Can I use the Chromebook without connecting to any network (in offline mode)?

Yes, some apps support offline mode such as Google Docs, GMail, Google Drive, etc. You can still continue using these offline apps without connecting to any network.

Many other offline web apps are available in Chrome Web Store.

3. How to get the free 100GB Google Drive storage?

Go into Google Drive app, a banner at the top of the Files app window will let you start the claim process. Make sure you have access to the internet.

4. What happens to the free 100GB Google Drive storage after 2 years?

You can continue using the 100GB by paying a monthly fee or the storage will revert back to the original size. Your existing uploaded files on Google Drive will still remain on the cloud after 2 years.

5. There’s no Capslock button. How do I enable capslock?

Capslock on Chromebook can be enabled by pressing Alt+Search button.

6. How to take a screenshot on Chromebook?

Press Ctrl+”Windows Switch” button.

7. How do I print using the Chromebook?

Chromebook doesn’t install drivers and thus won’t work when directly connected to a printer, so you have to use Google Cloud Print. There are readily available Cloud Printers, and also there is setup for classic/legacy printers.

Please feel free to visit Yes4G Chromebook page for more details.

p/s: This post is composed and published using Chromebook. 🙂