Nokia N97 Sneak Preview – Part 2 (Software)!

Here comes the part 2 of Nokia N97 sneak preview, it’s all about the software the phone uses.

Let’s have a look what we have on the main screen of the phone :-

Nokia N97 Main Screen

Click for larger view.

You will be able to add up to 6 favourite widgets on the main screen and you can even arrange them according to your preference (see screen shot below). All widgets will load automatically if you have an active data plan or you are hocked up with a wireless (WiFi) network.

Nokia N97 Widgets

Click for larger view.

Some of the applications in N97 are specially developed with the collaborations between Nokia and 3rd parties such as Facebook, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc. How thoughtful that is!

Besides, it seems Nokia N97 has brought social-networking a new level where you will be always connecting with your friends, colleagues and family via all sorts of social-networking applications, such as Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, Flickr, etc. This concept is exactly in conjunction with Nokia’s motto – Connecting People, isn’t it? 😀

Yea, I know you probably will say with an integrated browser on any other phone, all these social-networking sites can be loaded, but believe me you can do more with the applications come with N97.

With N97, news and rss feeds will be automatically grabbed from all provided sources and displayed on the main screen. Basically, you’ll get updated with whatever information you wish to receive without doing anything, literally!

Below is the screen shot of the software menu of N97 :-

Nokia N97 Software Menu

Click for larger view.

In the software menu, you can get the access to the major functions of the phone and the most fascinating part would surely be the applications installed in the phone. Let’s check it out :-

Nokia N97 Applications
Nokia N97 Applications
Nokia N97 Applications
Nokia N97 Applications

As you can see there are tons of ready-made applications installed in it.

Well, I should have shown you the dial menu in the first place but I got carried away writing about the widgets and applications. Haha… Anyway, here it is :-

Nokia N97 Dial Menu

Next post I’ll be sharing some photos I took when I was playing with the awesome camera of N97, web browsers, movie player and A-GPS with Nokia Maps. So, stay tuned!

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