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How To Build A Crypto Exchange From Scratch

Introduction The cryptocurrency industry boom has created a market that is now valued at a staggering $400 billion globally. With rising acceptance and greater integration offered by many financial institutions, this decentralized open-source monetary system is soon becoming a thriving and lucrative free-enterprise economy. In this article, we discuss in detail how you can start […]

Yes Life App For iOS Devices & The Unofficial FAQ

Last week Yes 4G released a revolutionary application for iOS devices that they promise will change the way we use our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Yes Life iOS App is their latest innovation which allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to make & receive calls, SMS, call from oversea at a low IDD rates, plus […]

Nokia N900 & Garmin Asus M10 Launching In Malaysia

Last week, I attended two of the most fascinating smartphone launches of this quarter in Malaysia, the Nokia N900 and Garmin Asus M10. Nokia N900 is the latest N-Series smartphone by Nokia, featuring a new Maemo 5 Operating System. The aim of N900 is to deliver a PC-like experience on a hand-held device. Nokia N900 & N97 Side By […]

Yes 4G Google Chromebook Launch & Some FAQ

Last week, I was invited to the launching event of Yes4G Chromebook. It’s the world’s first 4G WiMAX Chromebook manufactured by Samsung. This new device is a product of collaboration between Yes4G, Samsung & Google and it’s exclusively available in Malaysia from Yes4G only. The Samsung 4G Chromebook comes with a built-in 4G WiMAX chipset that enables seamless […]

Google Chrome Web Browser Brief Review

In case you still have not noticed, Google had entered the web browser market by releasing their first ever web browser, Google Chrome, yesterday. I’m always excited whenever Google launches any software, therefore I’ve installed Google Chrome immediately after reading this fascinating news yesterday even though the software is still under Beta version. Well, what makes Google Chrome different from […]

Nokia N97 Sneak Preview – Part 2 (Software)!

Here comes the part 2 of Nokia N97 sneak preview, it’s all about the software the phone uses. Let’s have a look what we have on the main screen of the phone :- Click for larger view. You will be able to add up to 6 favourite widgets on the main screen and you can even […]

Premium Nokia Phone – Nokia Oro

Nokia just launched a new phone today that specially designed for the luxury market. Nokia Oro is a limited edition Nokia smartphone that incorporates 18 carat gold plating, a sapphire crystal and leather from one of Scotland’s finest Caledonian herds. Nokia Oro comes in two different colours, white and black. The surface of its casing is coated with 18-carat […]

Time Machine Locker – Android App Review

How many times do you see your smartphone lockscreen a day? I can safely say it’s very very often. Looking at the same lockscreen every time we check our phone is just too boring. Well, thanks to Android being a highly customizable platform, there are some cool lockscreen replacement apps available free in Google Play […]